What is Monero?

Monero is an open source cryptocurrency project with better security and privacy than most virtual currencies. It was created to give everyone the power to control their finances without the oversight of government and financial agencies. Adopted cryptographic techniques ensure that the spy has no knowledge of your transactions.

Who created Monero?

Monero is very much a community project with no individual behind it. Over 240 professionals consisting of developers and marketers came together and brought it to life. However, about 30 developers are known. Anyone can contribute to this network by donating their skills or capital.

Monero has no base in any country. Therefore, it may be difficult to shut it down or restrict its operation in a particular country. However, you shouldn’t be so sure about it, as China and South Korea have already proven that any cryptocurrency can be suspended in certain jurisdictions. China officially banned ICOs a few months ago.

Monero security features

Without a doubt, the Monero Blockchain is one of the safest places to transact. Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains are transparent, so anyone can verify the authenticity of a transaction. This means that anyone with superior computing skills and resources can easily decode the identities of users in the real world. This is extremely obnoxious as it goes against the main principle behind decentralized projects – obfuscation of user details.

Monero’s cryptographic techniques mystify user data, making it impossible for data sniffers to obtain anything. The two main security protocols used are ring signatures and stealth addresses. The first mixes up all the addresses on the network, thus making it difficult for an outside observer to associate a single address with a particular account.

The latter refers to a condition where the address is used for only one transaction. There cannot be one address for two or more transfers. Used addresses are untraceable and new ones are created on the next transaction. In short, all the details related to sender, receiver and transferred amount are not open for verification. However, this network is not completely “closed” as people can choose who can see their transactions.

Pros of Monero

• Private, secure and untraceable

• Scalable without blockchain limitations

• Strong and capable team

• Widely adopted

• There is a plan to incentivize miners to maintain the blockchain even when the supply runs out

• Selective transparency – you choose who sees your transactions

Cons of Monero

• There are minimal levels of centralization

• Not yet widespread

The future of Monero

Decentralized technologies are getting a lot of buzz right now, and that just means widespread acceptance. As the technology becomes widely adopted and governments try to corner users, investors will demand more private-oriented cryptocurrencies, and this may just make Monero the top choice. This currency is definitely worth a try.

What is Bitcoin?

Over time, Bitcoins have become a very well-known and popular form of currency. However, what exactly is Bitcoin? The following article will look at the pros and cons of this currency that came out of nowhere and spread like wildfire. What makes it different from normal currencies?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, it is not printed and never will be. They are kept electronically and no one has control over them. They were produced by people and businesses, creating the first form of money known as cryptocurrency. While normal currencies are seen in the real world, Bitcoin flows through billions of computers around the world. From Bitcoin in the United States to Bitcoin in India, it has become a global currency. But the biggest difference it has from other currencies is that it is decentralized. This means that no specific company or bank owns it.

Who created it?

Satoshi Nakamoto, a software developer, proposed and created Bitcoin. He saw this as a chance to have a new currency on the market, free from central authority.

Who prints it?

As mentioned earlier, the simple answer is no one. Bitcoin is not a printed currency, but a digital one. You can even transact online with bitcoins. So you can’t produce unlimited bitcoins? Absolutely not, Bitcoin is designed to never “mine” more than 21 million Bitcoins in the world at once. Although they can be divided into smaller amounts. The hundred millionth part of a bitcoin is called a “satoshi” after its creator.

What is Bitcoin based on?

Mostly for appearance and conventional use, Bitcoin is based on gold and silver. However, the truth is that Bitcoin is actually based on pure mathematics. It also has nothing to hide as it is open source. So anyone can check it out to see if it works as it claims.

What are the characteristics of Bitcoin?

1. As mentioned earlier, it is decentralized. It is not owned by a specific company or bank. Each software that mines bitcoins makes up a network and they work together. The theory was, and it worked, that if one network went down, the money kept flowing.

2. It is easy to set up. You can set up a Bitcoin account in seconds, unlike the big banks.

3. It’s anonymous, at least the part where your bitcoin addresses are not associated with any kind of personal information.

4. It’s completely transparent, all transactions using bitcoins are shown on a big chart known as the blockchain, but no one knows it’s you because there are no names associated with it.

5. Transaction fees are minimal and compared to bank fees, the rare and small bitcoin fees are almost zero. It’s fast, very fast. Wherever you send money, it will usually arrive within minutes of processing.g. It cannot be rejected, meaning that once you send your bitcoins, they are gone forever.

Bitcoin has significantly changed the world and the way we see money. Many people wonder if it is possible to make a living with Bitcoins. Some have even tried to do so. However, Bitcoin is already part of our economy, a unique kind of currency, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Crypto TREND 2017-01

Everyone has heard how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made millionaires of those who bought only a year ago. Profits of 1000% or more are not just possible, they are common with many of these cryptocurrencies. Someone who bought Bitcoin in May 2016 at less than $500 would have a 1400% profit in about 17 months. Then in the last few days we have seen Bitcoin lose almost $1000, so to say that these cryptocurrencies are volatile would be a huge understatement.

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008, we at Trend News have been skeptical about the ability of cryptocurrencies to survive, given that they pose a very clear threat to governments that want to see and tax all transactions. But while we may still be wary of actual cryptocurrencies, we are very aware of the potential of the underlying technology that powers these electronic currencies. In fact, we believe that this technology will be a significant disruptor in the way data is managed, and that it will affect every sector of the global economy, similar to how the Internet has affected media.

Here are some questions and answers to get you started…

Q: What are cryptocurrencies?

The most famous crypto currency (CC) is BITCOIN. It was the first CC launched in 2008. Today there are more than 800 CCs including Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, and they are all “virtual”. There are no “physical” coins or currency.

Q: How do CCs work?

CCs are virtual currencies that exist in very large distributed databases. These databases use BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology. Because each Blockchain database is widely distributed, it is believed to be immune to hacking as there is no central point of attack and every transaction is visible to everyone on the network. Each CC has a group of administrators, often called “miners”, who validate transactions. One CC called Ethereum uses “smart contracts” to validate transactions. Crypto TREND will provide more details in upcoming news posts.


Blockchain is the technology that underlies all CCs. Every transaction to buy, sell or exchange CC is entered into a BLOCK which is added to the chain. This technology is complex and will not be explained here, but it has the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry as transactions can be completed quickly and easily, reducing or eliminating fees. The technology is also being explored for applications in many other industries.

Q: Are CC exchanges regulated by the government?

For the most part, the answer is NO, which for some consumers is a big draw in this market. It’s the “wild west” at the moment, but governments in most developed countries are studying this market to decide what regulation might be needed. A big decision is whether to treat CC as a currency or as a commodity / security. Canada and the US have so far declared CCs to be legal, but the situation remains volatile in terms of reporting and tax implications. Crypto TREND will monitor and report on these developments.

Q: How do I invest in this market?

You can buy, sell and exchange CC using the services of specialized “Exchanges” that act as a broker. You start by selecting an exchange, creating an account, and transferring fiat currency into your account. You can then place your BUY and SELL CC orders. There are many exchanges around the world. Opening an account is relatively easy and all these exchanges have their own rules for initial funding and withdrawals.

Crypto TREND will recommend CC Exchanges in the future.

Q: Where do I keep my CC?

To have the freedom to move your cryptocurrencies and pay bills, you will need to have a digital wallet. These wallets come in several formats, such as desktop, cloud-based, hardware (USB), mobile and paper. Many are FREE, but security is a big factor as no one ever wants to lose their wallet or have it stolen. Crypto TREND will recommend digital wallets in the future.

Q: What can I do with my CC?

In addition to investing in CC products, you can also use cryptocurrency for some financial transactions, such as money transfers and bill payments. The list of companies accepting cryptocurrency is growing rapidly and includes big hits like Microsoft, GAP, JC Penny, Expedia, Shopify, Bloomberg.com, Dish Network, Zynga, Subway and WordPress.

Q: What’s next?

To begin with, we will keep each of the Crypto TREND articles short and keep the scope of each one as narrow as possible. As we noted earlier, we believe that cryptocurrency technology will be a game-changer and potential investment opportunities like this come along once or twice in a lifetime. Make no mistake, early investing in this sector will only be for your most speculative capital, money you can afford to lose.

Even if you don’t want to invest right now, understanding this new disruptive technology early will put you in an advantageous position to take advantage of our recommendations as we move forward.

Expect to see more news and specific recommendations from Crypto TREND as we begin this journey into what may at first seem like a foreign jungle. It’s a volatile market and may not appeal to all investors, but Crypto TREND will be your guide if and when you’re ready.

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An introduction to blockchain technology for beginners

These days, technology is reaching new heights of success at an incredibly fast pace. One of the latest triumphs in this direction is the evolution of Blockchain technology. The new technology has had a strong impact on the financial sector. In fact, it was originally developed for Bitcoin, the digital currency. But now it finds application in a number of other things as well.

Getting here was probably easy. But one still doesn’t know what Blockchain is?

Distributed database

Imagine a spreadsheet that is copied countless times across a computer network. Now imagine that the computer network was designed so intelligently that it regularly updated the spreadsheet itself. This is a broad overview of Blockchain. Blockchain stores information as a shared database. In addition, this database is continuously reconciled.

This approach has its advantages. It does not allow the database to be stored anywhere. The records in it have a real public attribute and can be verified very easily. Since there is no centralized version of the records, unauthorized users have no means to manipulate and corrupt the data. Blockchain’s distributed database is hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, making data easily accessible to almost anyone on the virtual network.

To make the concept or technology clearer, it is a good idea to discuss the Google Docs analogy.

Google Docs Analogy for Blockchain

Since the advent of e-mail, the conventional way to share documents has been to send a Microsoft Word document as an attachment to a recipient or recipients. Recipients will take their time to review it before sending back the revised copy. In this approach, one must wait for the reverse copy to be received in order to see the changes made to the document. This happens because the sender cannot make corrections until the recipient has finished editing and sent the document back. Modern databases do not allow two owners to access the same record at the same time. In this way, banks maintain the balances of their customers or account holders.

Unlike established practice, Google Docs allows both parties to access the same document at the same time. Moreover, it also allows both of you to see one version of the document at the same time. Just like a shared book, Google Docs also act as a shared document. The shared part becomes relevant only when the share involves multiple users. Blockchain technology is in some ways an extension of this concept. However, it is important to note here that Blockchain is not designed for document sharing. Rather, this is just an analogy that will help you have a clear idea of ​​this cutting-edge technology.

Outstanding features of blockchain

Blockchain stores blocks of information on the network that are identical. By virtue of this function:

  • The data or information cannot be controlled by any single entity.
  • There cannot be a single point of failure.
  • The data is stored in a public network, which guarantees absolute transparency of the entire procedure.
  • The data stored in it cannot be damaged.

Search for Blockchain developers

As stated earlier, Blockchain technology has a very wide application in the world of finance and banking. According to the World Bank, more than USD 430 billion in remittances were sent through it in 2015 alone. Thus, Blockchain developers have a significant market demand.

Blockchain eliminates middlemen’s profits in such monetary transactions. It was the invention of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that made it easier for the common man to access computers in the form of desktop computers. Similarly, a wallet application is the most common GUI for Blockchain technology. Users use the wallet to buy things they want using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

How to Copy Successful Forex Traders

In the past year, several of the top Forex brokers have introduced the concept of social Forex trading. The idea is simple: the best Forex traders share their trades with the community, and other traders are free to copy their trading strategies. This is a new idea and one that allows novice Forex traders to learn from Forex experts.

Many of the best social Forex brokers allow you to search for traders to copy based on profit, risk level and the number of other traders who copy a Forex trading expert. This makes it easy to find popular Forex traders to copy, but there are a few things to consider when copying a Forex trader.

  1. Popular doesn’t always mean best. Most brokers allow you to see how many people are copying Forex Expert. However, the number of copiers alone does not necessarily indicate a strong marketer. Many times consumers will flock to a trader after he has made one trade with big profits, hoping to score again. A marketer may have thousands of followers, but that doesn’t mean followers earn money.
  2. Don’t copy a Forex trader just because of the big returns. Just like a trader’s popularity, a trader’s Forex trading results can be a bit misleading if not read correctly. One of the most popular Forex brokers has dozens of traders whose statistics reflect 300% profit from Forex trading. This is an amazing number, but you have to consider the number of trades and the amount of capital you are risking to earn these profits. If you don’t have a large trading account, you may not be able to survive the grind that occurred on the way to those big Forex profits.
  3. Check the risk profile. Most leading social Forex brokers will offer some type of trader risk measurement. While many of the high risk Forex traders manage to secure large profits, the strategies used may not work for all traders. Beginner Forex traders, in particular, should copy traders with lower levels of risk so that one trade does not put their entire account at risk.
  4. Diversify! Don’t risk your entire Forex trading account copying a single trader. Instead, choose several different traders and spread your money between them. This will reduce your overall risk as only a portion of your account will be at risk if a trader engages in a risky trade. Yes, you may miss out on a great trading opportunity every now and then, but consistent Forex profits are the goal.

If you keep these ideas in mind, you will have a much better chance of successfully copying other Forex traders. Social Forex trading programs are a great way to start trading Forex, reducing risk while new traders learn the Forex market. However, there is still risk and traders should be wise in their decisions when choosing traders to copy.

The Future of Bitcoin

The world is changing rapidly lately and so is the currency system. With the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in vogue, people are curious to gauge the possible future of Bitcoin, which needs to be established and supported by facts and insightful rationality.

In 2009, there was a new currency concept that was introduced to the financial world. It was a bit confusing for people, but within a year or two it emerged as a trend. Today, more and more people and business ventures are using Bitcoins for various reasons. The digital currency is still undergoing regular updates to improve it in every possible way.


People all over the world have become quite aware of crypto currency. In addition, there are many more opinions about it from experts. It is quite common to find pro-Bitcoin currency experts claiming that the currency is expected to reach between $250,000 and $500,000 per coin in the next few years.

On the other hand, you will find several well-known financial analysts and specialists who do not hesitate to warn people about the problems they may face when investing in Bitcoin. Experts accept the fact that this currency called Bitcoin and other crypto currencies may have a lot to give to the public, but the day is not far when investing people will suffer and take a significant hit.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoins. In the event that the negatives are removed, there is a huge chance that the entire international financial system will undergo a transformation. Let’s take a look at them:


• You really have full control over money and can send and receive any amount 24X7. This is possible because transactions are not executed by central or commercial banks or other centralized organizations.

• The transaction fee is minimal compared to any other online money transaction. The mining service that records the transactions in the respective blockchain charges the fees in reality and they are quite low.

• Since no personal information is traded, it is the most secure way to transact money. Other than that, no problems at all.

• With minimal processing costs, everyone can rely on the most reliable and fastest way to transfer money.

• Bitcoin is not affected by price fluctuations in any of the world’s economies, unlike other currencies.


• Bitcoin should have a better impact on global and local financial markets.

• Bitcoin price stability should focus on more people and businesses using cryptocurrency.

• There is still no guarantee of Bitcoin’s purchasing power that can be provided to investors or users.

Bitcoin’s future is all about speculation

The downsides of bitcoins cannot be easily ignored, but in some ways they can be easily deterred. With a stronger market presence and more price stability, this could be the easiest form of online currency in the future. The future of Bitcoin is really nothing but speculation. It has received positive feedback from people all over the world and has the potential to become the next big thing.

Bitcoin Exchange Overview

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Daily introduces new conditions and systems for business and communications. The Internet has been a major contributor to this progress; especially when it comes to the field of business. Online trading or online currency trading has recently attracted many traders. One of the common forms of online trading is the Bitcoin exchange.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin exchange is a new money system for the internet that works on the concept of digital currency. It initializes the peer to peer payment system for individuals who do not have a central authority. It uses a new concept of crypto currency that was originally introduced in 1998. Cryptography controls the creation and transactions of digital money. Bitcoin works through a software system and has no central controlling authority, so it is equally managed and controlled by its users worldwide.

Working on the Bitcoin Exchange

One can operate a Bitcoin exchange just as one operates any other type of currency exchange. Just like working with banks, it is easy to transact through Bitcoin Exchange. Analogous to physical trading, the user must pay to purchase bitcoins. The difference is that the person has to open an account with some Bitcoin Exchanger. The user’s paid asset will be available in the form of a digital currency that can be used to purchase any type of product. Bitcoins can also be exchanged with other Bitcoin holders. This system works similarly to exchanging money in banks.

Making Transactions

In almost all payment systems, payments can be reversed after completing a transaction via PayPal or credit cards. But with Bitcoin, the situation changes because once a transaction is made, one cannot go back or reverse it. So be careful while exchanging your bitcoins with currencies because you may face chargeback issues. It is preferable to make exchanges with other Bitcoin holders near you.

Advantages of Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin currency exchange is brand new. It’s sort of a software based payment system where you transact digitally. Here’s how it can benefit you:

· Make transactions faster than other systems

· Always available for transactions

· Make transactions from anywhere in the world

· Make safer transactions

· Carry out transactions without the intervention of a third party

· Monitor all transactions from your home computer or smartphone

· Buy any type of asset with Bitcoin

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin exchange is an innovation in the economic systems of the world. When it is used in practice, some disadvantages also appear. Some of them are as follows:

Ø Market acceptance

The number of Bitcoin users is growing, but it is not yet a widely used currency or exchange system. Its level of acceptance in financial matters is still low.

Ø Instability

Since Bitcoin is not used often, it is not a stable currency. However, there is hope that this volatility will decrease as the user list and the amount of bitcoins in the market become more easily used.

Ø Partial development

A big problem is that the Bitcoin software is still in its beta phase and has a number of imperfect features that still need to be fixed. New modules are under development to make Bitcoin exchange safer for everyone.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency – Understanding the Basics

It has been more than a decade since cryptocurrency started to captivate people on social media and especially on the internet. Bitcoin managed to rank among the top cryptocurrencies today, no one knows about the exact origin of the currency, but it appeared in mid-2008, associated with the Japanese pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

So what exactly is this bitcoin currency and why has it managed to hold its place in the financial markets. Well, the following listed reasons may give you an idea of ​​its popularity and some proof of its continued safe future existence.

  • Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency.

  • Bitcoin is an independent free-floating currency that is neither owned by any government nor tied to any other currency to be influenced in value by the economic indicators that drive the value of traditional currencies.

  • With its growing popularity among the masses, it now enjoys an increased level of acceptability at all levels, for example, you can now buy things with Bitcoin cryptocurrency directly and also trade it on various platforms such as CoinBase, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken and more.

  • All you need is a wallet and an internet connection to make a peer-to-peer bitcoin transfer.

  • In most cases, transfers are instant.

  • The convenience of transacting over the internet or your mobile phone with a few clicks.

  • Your privacy is protected compared to other online payment methods where your vital information can be leaked and misused.

  • While transferring money through conventional methods, you have to pay fees depending on the volume of your transactions and furthermore, these transfers are subject to your regional and state regulations. Although transacting in Bitcoin cryptocurrency does not require you to be bound by any government regulations and also does not impose large transaction fees.

  • Since you are the only one who has access to your e-wallet, your coins are always safe with you and no one can steal your money. The process and transactions are transparent thanks to the shared public ledger and anyone can verify a transaction at any time from anywhere in the world using the internet.

  • Another advantage of a Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet is that your account cannot be frozen.

Considering the growing popularity and acceptability of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, we can safely assume that the future of Bitcoin is not only safe, but quite bright, and this innovative payment method is here to stay.

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trading Cryptocurrency

Today, you can invest in cryptocurrency quickly and easily. You have the freedom to invest with the help of online brokers, but you cannot say for sure whether it is a reliable venture. There are many risks and pitfalls to face if you are thinking of entering this field. However, you don’t need to be a master in the world of computer science or finance to get started. This means you need to make an informed decision. In this article, we will talk about some common mistakes that most cryptocurrency investors make. Read on to learn more.

1: You are buying the wrong coins

If you have decided to buy Bitcoin, you should be careful. There are different types of Bitcoin such as Private Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash. In other words, there are many forks to watch out for.

Although they are not bad or scams, make sure you know what you are buying. Even if you buy the wrong coin, you can still sell it back and look for the right one.

2: You’re Not for the Wild Ride

If you want to enter the world of cryptocurrency, you need to have nerves of steel to deal with volatility. Unlike the traditional financial world, cryptocurrency has extreme volatility, according to Teresa Morrison, who is a certified financial planner in Arizona.

According to her, as a new investor, you should invest a small amount at the beginning, like $100 per month, and then forget about it. If you follow the market daily it will drive you crazy.

Also, just because you are a beginner, you may want to stick to 2 to 3 cryptocurrencies that you are familiar with. Ideally, you can consider established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum first.

3: You don’t double-check the address

Many cryptocurrency traders lose their coins just because they don’t re-verify the address. Unlike a conventional bank transfer, you cannot simply reverse a transaction. So you have to be very careful when doing this type of transaction using cryptocurrency. If you are not careful enough, you can lose thousands of dollars in seconds.

4: You have lost access to your wallet

Although there is a limited supply of 21 million bitcoins, the entire number of bitcoins is not created. The reason is that many of the coin holders have lost access to their wallets due to forgotten passwords.

According to the Chainanalysis report, 1 in 5 Bitcoins mined so far is inaccessible due to lost passwords. So make sure you keep your password in a safe place before you start reading.

In short, we suggest you avoid these four most common mistakes if you want to succeed in the world of cryptocurrency trading. We hope these tips will help you be safe and successful as a trader or investor.

DigitalTicks Exchange – Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange

DigitalTicksExchange: Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange!!!

DigitalTicksExchange is just not another crypto-to-crypto trading platform. It’s designed by marketers for marketers. The beginning of the idea started back in December 2017. DigitalTicksExchangeteam offers the FIRST CRYPTO COMMODITY EXCHANGE. The team aims to provide the best trading platform for the cryptocurrency market.

Mission and Vision of DigitalTicksExchange

With the main goal of being in the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market capitalization, the team implemented stable, more powerful and best-in-class technology required by an advanced cryptocurrency trading exchange in 2018 with the intention of being the best online trading platform for cryptocurrency. Our team is dedicated to offer the most personalized exchange platform to the traders and brokers and thereby achieve one step closer to the goal of being the only user-friendly exchange with the ease of trading crypto currency and crypto commodity.

With the increase in the number of crypto exchanges around the world, the cryptocurrency exchange market has seen many new users attracted to trading these currency swaps, but the main challenge for any crypto currency exchange is to handle the security of the exchange and thus to build trust and confidence in the minds of end users. DigitalTicksExchange, with its multi-crypto wallet exchange and advanced security auditing systems and regular vulnerability testing, plans to be one of the most trusted digital currency exchanges worldwide.

The DigitalTicksExchange team consists of traders, industrialists. Entrepreneurs, blockchain enthusiasts. To make the exchange successful, the innovative developers of DigitalTicksExchange have gone the extra mile to understand the needs and requirements of traders, starting from beginners to professionals. The platform is customized in such a way that it is easy to use by all market participants, be it hedger, scalper, arbitrageur or speculator.

Here is the list of few unique features that will be offered on DigitalTicksExchange

Semi-algorithm functionality

Single order portfolio view

Hotkey function

Multiple trading tools

Compatibility with multiple devices

DigitalTicksExchange Token (DTx)

DTx is the DigitalTicksExchange UTILITY Token. DTx Utility token can be purchased via Bitcoin, Ethereum and bank transfers. The presale of this token started on March 25, 2018, and the public sale on April 15, 2018. The token sale ended on June 15, 2018.

The team is happy to announce their successful token sale. During the token sale, the team sold a total of 64 million tokens, thereby raising $30 million. There are currently over 30,000 members of the DigitalTicks community and the number is growing much faster.

Benefits of trading on DigitalTicksExchange

The DigitalTicksExchange trading platform is much smoother and offers a great user interface with many features required by traders. One of the main advantages of using our platform is that the exchange will not charge any transaction fees for the first few months. This can be a great profit opportunity for high frequency traders. We will also offer volume based incentives to those high frequency traders who will move forward. We love our users and would like to create a fair market for all our registered users thereby helping them to trade cryptocurrency for profit by providing regular research reports prepared by our team of expert researchers.


With incentives like the volume-based model, Maker-Taker Concept DigitalTicksExchange is focused on providing ease of trading and charging a fair trading price. Aiming to be on top, the DigitalTicksExchangeteam is dedicated to providing all the tools and support each of its traders need to trade the cryptocurrency market. The exchange will be fully developed and launched on or before the end of August 2018. The team believes that DigitalTicksExchange will be the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading various cryptocurrencies – crypto currencies as well as crypto commodities.!!!!