How to save money on cheap motels without sacrificing comfort-cheap business travel

I used to work for a large company with an expense account and sufficient budget, and I could stay in a great hotel. Since I recently started working for myself, traveling by air instead of traveling by air, I have found that I need to find a way to go out and do many things like my previous boss, but with a small budget. I found that the best way is to lower my previous standards and accept 2-star motels and Motel 6 motels instead of Hilton and Marriott. Usually, you can cut your bills as a package. Where I stay, I usually pay from the low-end $32 to the high-end $50. You can save a lot of cash during a journey of several days. Cost savings are beneficial, but there are also disadvantages. Compared to branded hotels, you may experience poor room cleaning, bath towels with thin and oversized razors, noisy environments, and the possibility of bed bugs and bacteria.

I came up with a convention that some people would say is crazy, but if you keep your best condition like me before, it will save you money without sacrificing all your comfort or health. When traveling, I always carry my own pillow, a bed sheet, a light sleeping bag, a can of spray disinfectant, 2 towels and dishcloths, and some plastic bags. In addition, slippers or flip-flops can protect your feet from dirty carpets and a pair of earplugs, in case you have noisy neighbors.

After arriving at the room, the first thing I did was to take a motel towel and sprinkle some disinfectant on it. I wiped the TV’s remote control, telephone receiver and buttons, all indicator switches and lighting switches, and door handles with disinfectant and a rag. Next, I took the covers, blankets, pillows and sheets from the bed and placed them in the corner. I put the top layer on the bed, then put it on the sleeping bag and pillow. Finally, I turned my attention to the bathroom. The towels and dish cloths they provide are usually thin and insufficient for bathing, so please use them for cleaning.

I disinfected the faucet handles in the sink and shower/bath, and cleaned the bathtub or shower and toilet. Put the dirty clean towel in the corner, and then hang the towel and face cloth. I know this sounds troublesome, but it actually only takes about 15 minutes, which is worth your worry. Make sure to inform the front desk during your stay that you do not want the maid service, and put up a do not disturb sign the next day, so that the maid will not try to undo your hard work; when you are ready to leave, please put your towels and towels away. Return to the homepage and put it in a plastic bag and tie it firmly so that it can be washed thoroughly when you go home.



Cheap San Diego hotels in California, United States

San Diego is a charming and charming resort among holidaymakers or tourists who want to see many of its most famous and attractive locations, such as the Wildlife Park and the San Diego Zoo. To make the most memorable stay for tourists, San Diego’s luxury and luxury hotels provide some of the best accommodation facilities. The luxury and luxury hotels in San Diego are perfect for your vacation and are also ideal for business travelers. These hotels not only provide a wealth of facilities, but also provide some first-class facilities.

Luxurious and luxurious facilities include simple breakfast to dinner facilities. The healthy environment of luxury and luxury hotel rooms suits the environment of San Diego and the mood of tourists. The interior of the room from the floor to the roof is the ultimate, and the murals express the ancient times of San Diego. These hotels provide dust-free and smoke-free areas for tourists who have smoke and dust problems. The hotel’s guest rooms incorporate the new technology of LCD plasma TV screens, high-speed Internet access facilities in the bedrooms, meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor swing swimming pools, fitness centers and art galleries.

The hotel staff are also polite and sincere to get along with you, and are ready to meet your requirements in one go. All rooms in the hotel are clean and well ventilated. These hotel structures are basically completely European style, which is why most tourists attract them. The beautiful lightning in the room can attest to its luxurious style, freeing visitors from any form of tension and fatigue. All these luxury hotel chains are located in the most famous places in San Diego. They provide luxurious facilities from bedroom to bathroom, which are perfect choices.



Chicago Hotel Deals: Suggestions on places to stay and attractions during the trip

As it is the third largest city in the United States, Chicago is full of countless cheap hotels. Whether you are going to the Windy City for business or entertainment, there are a variety of rooms and suites to choose from. Thanks to the impressive public transportation system, you don’t even have to rent a car. Just look for Chicago hotel deals online and compare prices.

Many experts recommend living in “The Loop” or downtown because it is close to most activities in the city. Some of the affordable hotels in the downtown area include the Central River Circle Hotel, the River Hotel, the Wyndham Chicago Riverside Hotel and the Felix Hotel.

You must visit the “Magnificent Mile”, which is the best shopping place in IL. There is no shortage of brand-name shops, luxury boutiques, discount stores and more. If you are interested in the Chicago Blues scene, please consider south of Loop. In June, the Chicago Blues Festival filled the big park.

You may want to research Chicago hotel deals in historic buildings such as The Whitehall Hotel, Staypineapple in Alice, Drake and Warwick Allerton. These hotels have been in existence for at least 100 years and combine historic Chicago with modern facilities. Palmer House (Hilton Hotel) also has a romantic atmosphere, and has two popular restaurants, a health club and a spa. It is also very close to other restaurants and shopping places.

If you want to visit the museum campus, the art academy, Buckingham Fountain, Soldier Field, Shedd Avalarim and Adler Planetarium and other attractions, staying near the Grand Park may be worthwhile. Some budget hotels that should be considered include the Essex Hotel, Virgin Hotel, Jaslin Hotel and Holiday Inn Chicago in Chicago. There are literally more than 100 accommodation options within 2 miles of Grand Park, so you won’t have any problems looking for Chicago hotel deals in the city.

Where to stay in Chicago

Without mentioning Wrigley Stadium, the Chicago accommodation guide would not be complete. If you want to watch the Cubs game, some suggestions here include the Versey-Days Inn Hotel, Villa D’Citta, Lincoln Hotel or The Majestic Hotel. Although there are others, these are all budget accommodations.

Baseball season is not the cheapest time to go to the Windy City. If you are flexible about dating and don’t mind missing a Cubs game, you may have to wait until winter to visit, unless there is a custom in town. January to March is usually the best time to find Chicago hotel deals. Whenever you decide to book an itinerary, consider choosing a vacation package that also includes air tickets.

Interested in online discount codes? Don’t save a lot of money on your trip. You can find Chicago hotel deals by browsing the website or using a search engine. You can narrow the results to only find accommodation in certain areas of the city, or view options by price.



How to maximize savings through online hotel booking sites

Vacation is fun, but paying for the hotel at full price during vacation is not the case. This is why it is so important to conduct research before booking a hotel. Read on to learn how to book cheap hotels through online hotel booking sites to save you the most.

Hotel booking websites provide users with a wonderful advantage, that is, they can check the prices of hotel rooms worldwide on almost any date. Therefore, the first way to maximize savings is to study different dates. If your travel plans are flexible, you may find that booking a room on one weekend is much cheaper than another. If your travel plan must be within a certain time period, that’s fine. The hotel reservation website allows you to check the prices of many hotels in the area you are visiting.

Group travel discount

Group travel rates usually apply to large tour groups, including sports teams, colleagues on business trips, and friends and family on vacation. These discounted group prices allow groups to plan trips as a unit to ensure that they get together and take advantage of group purchasing power.

Special internet fee

Speaking of group buying power; due to the large number of hotel bookings and discount hotel website processes, they can negotiate special rates that they cannot get individually. Most websites will require you to pay in advance with a credit card to secure the reservation at a low price. By booking a room marked with a “special internet rate”, you can save money and ensure that you will not accidentally provide your room to others. You can’t beat it!

Extra discount

Many hotels also offer government, corporate or premium discounts, so when you are on vacation, be sure to bring any special documents and proper identification to ensure that you are eligible for a lower price when you stay.

Last but not least, when booking a hotel, please check the room description and rate rules carefully to ensure that the room you choose can accommodate the entire banquet. Once you get there, you won’t need to finally book another room because you will definitely pay the highest fee through the hotel.

You want to have as much fun as possible during your vacation, but if you have been worrying about money, you cannot have fun. Book hotel reservations through the online hotel reservation website in advance to ensure a lifetime holiday and save money to the greatest extent.



How to get cheap travel packages

The direct route is not always the cheapest

In many cases, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for the operation of the ticket. There are seasonal changes, changes in time, depending on changes in demand, and then there seems to be no change at all. When searching for discounted tickets, check alternate routes to find where you need to go. In many cases, a combination of two flights may be cheaper than a single flight.

This can usually be achieved by using very cheap domestic air tickets within the United States. For example, a round-trip flight from New York to a Montreal hotel, such as Best Western Europa in Central Vail, Canada, takes about an hour and generally costs about US$300. For roughly the same price, you can find a return flight from New York to Los Angeles. The point is that for reasons related to traffic, police and taxes, family flights are much cheaper than international flights, and miles are equivalent to miles.

Therefore, depending on where you want to go, it may be much cheaper if you are willing to fly home first before transferring to a foreign country. For example, if you live in the northern part of the United States and want to go to Latin America or South America, the first time you take a domestic flight to a southern hub including Miami or Dallas, it will usually be much cheaper, and then fly from there. Go south instead of walking a long distance directly from the northern city. When exploring multiple flights, also keep in mind how close you are to major airline hubs-flying directly from a more compact city to the world and then flying to an important hub will require additional high fees. First.

In many cases, if you are willing to endure the inconvenience caused by two entries, you can choose to travel at a discount. Just remember that since many discount flight websites don’t search for destinations in this way, you need to do some creative thinking yourself.

Eat in place

An often overlooked key to lowering prices for travel is the cost of food, which can be greatly reduced by buying at a local grocery store instead of eating out. If you can, most places to stay will attract tourists, and you often don’t understand that you don’t pay $10 for a bad dinner at the hotel until you do some currency conversion. Instead, buy some healthy snakes and fresh food from the market, and then dine on the outing. Of course, this does not mean that you have to cook-it just means that you have to grab fresh food that can be eaten on the go, not lunch in a tourist restaurant.



The creepy danger of Asian hotels and cheap accommodation

Unfortunately, I encountered something biting you in some Asian hotels and guesthouses where I stayed next to mosquitoes at night, which is really unfortunate.

One hotel had sc sores, but fortunately it was not in my room, but several other people took sc sores. If the hotel or guesthouse does not have a hair dryer, it will be difficult for them to get rid of unless they immerse the bedding in very hot boiling water for a few minutes. The way to get rid of them is that you usually need to use an ointment that will kill them and make sure you wash all clothes and dry them completely in the hottest environment, thereby killing all possible situations. Your clothes or pajamas.

I was bitten by bed bugs in some of the cheapest hotels. Bed bugs are difficult to remove. Basically, you need to freeze the bed, which is difficult to do in tropical areas, or paste the entire bed in a plastic bag, and then use some bed bug-killing solution, or isolate the mattress 6 in one After a few months of storage in a plastic bag, you still need to clean the rest of the bed frame and everything near the bed, because bed bugs may jump back to the new or cleaned mattress and infect you again. It is best not to put your luggage on the bed to avoid hitchhiking.

When traveling, sometimes cockroaches will crawl into your luggage and you can take them home. If this is the case, just pick up your luggage and shake it, then look for small debris in all the small gaps and crevices. If you find them, of course you have to squeeze the baby, and then spray the luggage with a bug High-quality spray. spray.

If you do have a cockroach infection in your home or apartment, you need to bomb the house and apply some cockroach powder around all invisible water fixtures (such as behind the toilet, under the sink, and around the refrigerator). A drop of sweat from the pipe is enough to feed a handful of cockroaches. In the bombing, you need to do it 3 times first, then wait 12 days, then wait 12 days, the last time. If there is no powder and follow the schedule, you will be able to successfully remove them. Again, the keys must be separated 3 times in two weeks. This will destroy the egg cycle and the powder around the water pipe, which will make you linger. The cardboard is on their favorite food list. Also, if there are many tenants in your building, they may infiltrate from other apartments, please fill in all the gaps. Many times, the drain pipes share the same wall. These are the places to pay special attention, because there is no water and no cockroaches.

Lice are usually caught in close contact with an infected person, but pillowcases containing them may also transfer them. If they wash the bedding after every customer should be fine, it is basically not difficult to get rid of them. If you get them, a cheap remedy is to buy dog ​​flea shampoo, which works well.

Therefore, some general rules are to check and see if they have changed the bedding, and check for small blood stains on the bedding, which is a very bad sign. Open the door and drawer. If you find that things don’t move well, take a look at the bathroom. If there are towels or curtains, little creepy creepers like to hide there, this is a good indication. In addition, if possible, if they have lived there recently, they will ask them for advice, they will recommend it to you if there is no unpleasant experience, and then you will also make recommendations to them.



Toronto Budget Hotel-Surprised by its value and convenience

Toronto is known as the safest city in the world. It is a unique and exciting destination where all visitors can enjoy a dazzling experience. Whether you are engaged in art, dining, shopping, business or natural scenery, there will be something you are really interested in in this city. Toronto is a world-style city with diverse flavors. It is defined by landmarks such as the CN Tower and the Ontario Museum of Art, as well as the scenic natural paradise of nearby Lake Ontario.

Do you want to visit this city, but your budget is limited and hindered? Don’t worry, the city has a range of budget hotels in Toronto, especially tailored for tourists on a budget, whether you prefer to live in or outside of the city. Saving money for your hotel is a wise idea, because you can concentrate on many things in Toronto and you can see many things in Toronto.

Provide a satisfying guest experience

You may be wondering, is it possible for your ideal Toronto budget hotel to have all these ideal qualities in a package-affordable, satisfactory amenities, excellent service and convenience? Well, the answer is surprising, yes. These hotels may not be brand-name five-star luxury hotels, but this does not prevent them from providing five-star services to all guests and having convenient locations. All prices will not hurt your wallet.

Whether you are searching for these hotels in the city center or in the suburbs, you will not be disappointed by the value you get. After a full day of exploring or doing business in the city, you can not only stay in a comfortable night, but you can even rest assured that you are near where you need to go-whether it’s Toronto’s world-famous tourist attractions or convention centers.

For example, if you live in a budget hotel in the city, you might be close to the CN Tower and many dining and entertainment venues. For nature lovers, you will also be delighted to find numerous cheap accommodation options near Lake Ontario and High Park. Even fans of theme parks will not be excluded, because there are many affordable hotels near Canada’s largest theme park in Canada’s Wonderland. Therefore, booking a budget hotel online in advance will ensure that you book at the hotel at the best price at the location of your choice.

Toronto’s downtown hotel-convenient and cost-effective

Looking for a convenient, convenient and value-for-money place in downtown Toronto? As one of the most cost-effective downtown hotels in North America, the hotel here does not disappoint you. This is because the value and convenience you get here is unparalleled-you can even wash your clothes all night if you want!

If what matters to you is the most connected area, then GO Transit and Toronto Transit Commission will operate an efficient bus and train network, so you can reach your destination no matter where you are.

In addition, an event calendar with many famous international events and festivals, such as the Toronto International Film Festival in Yorkville, will have many opportunities for you to be shocked by world-class performances and enjoy unique events. Whether you are a sports fan or a music fan, or just shopping here, there are some cheap hotels in downtown Toronto that keep you close to where you should be. For example, there are some affordable hotels near the Rogers Center, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, and the famous shopping paradise Eaton Center, which has more than 230 retail and dining options.



Chicago Hotel Overview-Tips for Choosing the Right Accommodation According to Your Needs

Chicago is an exciting city, worth visiting at least in a lifetime. From Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) to Millennium Park, there are many attractions to visit. Whether you arrive at the Windy City by car, bus, train or plane, there are plenty of Chicago hotels, hostels and apartment rentals for you to choose from. In most cases, accommodation in this city is reasonable.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods include the North District, West Town and the Loop. The “loop” is also known as the city’s official downtown area and is a popular place to stay for tourists and business travelers. Popular hotels in the downtown area include the Hampton by Hilton downtown, the Hilton Garden Inn North Loop, the Cambria Hotel and Suites and the Fairmont Hotel.

If you are interested in a historic hotel, you can find it in The Drake, which opened in 1920. Alise is located in a skyscraper from 1895; Palmer House, Congress Plaza, Millennium Knickerbocker, Whitehall and several others. Many historic hotels are located in convenient locations throughout the city. Staying in any of them, you can experience a part of history.

River North is a beautiful, trendy neighborhood, located on the bridge across the Loop, just off the Magnificent Boulevard. If you like exquisite artwork, exquisite restaurants and design, this is your ideal residence. Choose from a variety of comfortable hotels, such as Felix Hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites, Best Western and Godfrey Hotel.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Chicago

Traveling with pets? In Chicago, this is not a problem because many hotels and hostels are pet-friendly. However, there are usually some restrictions, so make sure you request a pet-friendly room in advance. If you are looking for family-friendly accommodation, hundreds of hotels offer discounts or even free accommodation for children 18 years and younger travelling with their parents or guardians.

The Windy City is ideal for couples looking for a romantic holiday. Both Peninsula Hotel and Langham Hotel are luxury hotels that can bring you an amazing romantic experience. Others include The James Chicago-Magnificent Mile, Omni Chicago Hotel, Palmer House (Hilton Hotel) and Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The good thing about the Internet is that it provides you with many tools to help you research Chicago hotels and other accommodations. You can view images, maps, videos and reviews of all hotels in the city. You can also choose to search for tickets at the same time and book everything at the same time. Chicago all-inclusive holidays are also worth studying.

You can learn more about all these Chicago hotels and hundreds of other hotels on the travel website. There are detailed information, photos, reviews and price comparison tools. You can also book Chicago vacation packages and save money with online discount codes.



5 budget hotels in Bangkok’s nightlife districts

Party holidaymakers looking for affordable accommodation in any nightlife area in Bangkok will undoubtedly find guest-friendly hotels with clean and modern rooms. With so many new hotels and old and well-kept properties to choose from in Bangkok, deciding where to spend hard cash in the future may overwhelm the most savvy budget traveler.

To start searching and make your hotel research easier, first look for affordable and friendly hotels around the city’s nightlife entertainment districts. In Bangkok’s 3 main nightlife centers-Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy, you can find many budget hotels between US$40 and US$50. Staying in a hotel near any one of Bangkok’s three nightlife areas can save budget travelers’ time and save some taxi and train fares, even if these means of transportation are relatively cheap.

In other words, if you have a choice, it’s best to stay near Nana’s nightlife area. As the heart of the Sukhumvit district, Nana provides partygoers with everything they need to spend a good night in Bangkok. There are many places to eat, shop, and of course have cocktail parties and parties. Since the area caters mainly to foreigners, many businesses in Nana City can use basic English to help foreigners.

Nana is also the most affordable hotel, most of which are located next to Sukhumvit 4, near the go bar center in Nana Entertainment Plaza.

The first highly recommended hotel in Nana on Sukhumvit 4 is Boss suite. This is a new hotel opened in early 2010. The rooms are modern and comfortable in size, plus the friendliest customer service I have experienced at this hotel. The price is $45 per night. Not bad at all, because the hotel provides guests with a swimming pool and a small gym above.

Cross is Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel & Resort. Although the hotel properties are relatively old, they are well preserved. As the name suggests, you can indeed find resorts in a concrete jungle like Bangkok. Woraburi rooms, especially standard rooms, are very basic, but they are small but clean. But you don’t have to complain, because it only costs $25 USD per night.

Sukhumvit 4 (Sukhumvit 4) is a bit further away, and Nana Entertainment Plaza (Nana Entertainment Plaza) is closer Heaven @ 4 And above Royal Ivory Hotel. Both hotels are good choices, although the Royal Ivory Hotel is a better choice because of the larger rooms and swimming pool.

The last guest-friendly hotel recommended in Bangkok is Manhattan Hotel. Located on the edge of Nana’s nightlife, but there are many clubs and popular bars around the Manhattan Hotel. This is a huge hotel, very popular because during the off-season room sales period, room prices are as low as $40.



Tips for choosing luxury and budget hotels in Bangkok

Where do you live in Bangkok? Is this a question that lingers in your mind? Don’t worry that every question has its perfect answer. Now you are ready to find your answer. The Internet is the right place to start searching. With the help of search engines, find relevant websites about Bangkok hotels. However, in order to minimize the search time, please select keywords with accurate or approximate meaning. For example, if you are looking for top luxury hotels, it is best to use the keyword “Bangkok five-star hotel”. Again, if you are searching for budget hotels or discount hotels, the keywords should add the words “cheap”, “budget” or “discount” next to the destination name. Bangkok is undoubtedly a beautiful and clean city, and tourists want to come back again and again. The friendly Thai people and their culture attract and attract every visitor to follow their history and heritage.

Shopping in Bangkok can be a great time, because its large shopping mall offers international brands of clothes and other luxury accessories. Spend an enjoyable holiday in one of the luxury resorts and explore the city at best. Be sure to get personalized service in Bangkok hotels and hurt hospitality. The hotel is equipped with all leisure and entertainment centers, and provides you with a variety of comfortable accommodation options. If you want to stay near Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, you only need to choose the Avana Hotel in Bangkok. In addition, Diamond Hotel Pratunam is located on Petchburi Road, with a shopping mall nearby.

Tourists or travelers willing to book a room in a budget hotel in Bangkok can ignore the list of luxury motels and start searching for cheap hotels. Bangkok also provides tourists with cheap hotels to attract tourists and obtain higher occupancy rates. The city has various accommodation facilities and is admired by tourists from all over the world.