The creepy danger of Asian hotels and cheap accommodation

Unfortunately, I encountered something biting you in some Asian hotels and guesthouses where I stayed next to mosquitoes at night, which is really unfortunate.

One hotel had sc sores, but fortunately it was not in my room, but several other people took sc sores. If the hotel or guesthouse does not have a hair dryer, it will be difficult for them to get rid of unless they immerse the bedding in very hot boiling water for a few minutes. The way to get rid of them is that you usually need to use an ointment that will kill them and make sure you wash all clothes and dry them completely in the hottest environment, thereby killing all possible situations. Your clothes or pajamas.

I was bitten by bed bugs in some of the cheapest hotels. Bed bugs are difficult to remove. Basically, you need to freeze the bed, which is difficult to do in tropical areas, or paste the entire bed in a plastic bag, and then use some bed bug-killing solution, or isolate the mattress 6 in one After a few months of storage in a plastic bag, you still need to clean the rest of the bed frame and everything near the bed, because bed bugs may jump back to the new or cleaned mattress and infect you again. It is best not to put your luggage on the bed to avoid hitchhiking.

When traveling, sometimes cockroaches will crawl into your luggage and you can take them home. If this is the case, just pick up your luggage and shake it, then look for small debris in all the small gaps and crevices. If you find them, of course you have to squeeze the baby, and then spray the luggage with a bug High-quality spray. spray.

If you do have a cockroach infection in your home or apartment, you need to bomb the house and apply some cockroach powder around all invisible water fixtures (such as behind the toilet, under the sink, and around the refrigerator). A drop of sweat from the pipe is enough to feed a handful of cockroaches. In the bombing, you need to do it 3 times first, then wait 12 days, then wait 12 days, the last time. If there is no powder and follow the schedule, you will be able to successfully remove them. Again, the keys must be separated 3 times in two weeks. This will destroy the egg cycle and the powder around the water pipe, which will make you linger. The cardboard is on their favorite food list. Also, if there are many tenants in your building, they may infiltrate from other apartments, please fill in all the gaps. Many times, the drain pipes share the same wall. These are the places to pay special attention, because there is no water and no cockroaches.

Lice are usually caught in close contact with an infected person, but pillowcases containing them may also transfer them. If they wash the bedding after every customer should be fine, it is basically not difficult to get rid of them. If you get them, a cheap remedy is to buy dog ​​flea shampoo, which works well.

Therefore, some general rules are to check and see if they have changed the bedding, and check for small blood stains on the bedding, which is a very bad sign. Open the door and drawer. If you find that things don’t move well, take a look at the bathroom. If there are towels or curtains, little creepy creepers like to hide there, this is a good indication. In addition, if possible, if they have lived there recently, they will ask them for advice, they will recommend it to you if there is no unpleasant experience, and then you will also make recommendations to them.


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